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Altered State: A Spontaneous 'Kundalini Rise'


by Béatrice Garoche

For the last 18 months I had been praying for expansion, for the expression of my divine self to come forward. I had been asking for new life, new mind, new body and new spirit. I felt ready, completely ready.. for what? I did not know but I felt ready.
It happened in the beautiful surroundings of Gaunts House in Dorset during a warm evening this last August. A hundred of us of several nationalities had been dancing all day. We were told about a very special ritual called "copulation with the earth" which we were invited to perform. Some inspiring images of our connection with nature were offered and the trainer demonstrated: she first laid down on the grass, with her feet and hands firmly on the grass, she raised her knees and hips into the cobra position. Following the beat of some powerful drums she began to undulate sensually. She was lifting her hips, up towards the sky and back down to the earth slowly at first. She looked like an exquisite belly dancer making beautiful love with this invisible lover, the earth, it was the intention of the demonstration and it was inspiring. It ended, the hundred of us clapped, it was our turn now. I felt excited, as well as grounded and wise.
Back up, she added: "Sometimes you can experience the light of the connection between the earth and the sky."
We were asked to choose a partner so as to look after each other while we perform the ritual and who will be there to hold us at the end of the exercise - and vice versa -. A tall, blond and curly hair, God-like young man stood in front of me, I accepted his offer of partnership with a smile and a feeling of sweet safety. When he had accomplished his ritual, I held him with tenderness and care. And then, it was my turn.
From the cobra position I was breathing when the drums started. I had began to undulate when within seconds it felt like my hips were pulled up by the top of the trees and the sky and then sucked down by the earth and up and down again and again. Very quickly I realised that the copulation movements were taking over outrageously. With awareness I accepted. Something was happening and I knew that my role was not to interfere. I surrendered. Already, some inner images of words written in volume at the level of the top of the trees appeared: "Sacredness of your womanhood" again and again "Sacredness of your womanhood" *. I had a real sense of making love with the earth and the sky. I felt the honour of being taken and received by the both of them and I was honouring them by taking and receiving them with the whole of me. I felt a physical mental and spiritual sense of oneness with everything around me: the trees, the earth, the sky, the air, the moon, the sun, the water. This moment was forever and nothing else mattered, nothing else will ever matter. Every cell of my body was involved in this universal orgasm. I felt fully opened. By that time I was breathing away I had no control, my hips were moving up and down and tears were pouring, when three screams burst out of the depth of me. I had no control. The sky and the earth had totally opened.. The music stopped and slowly my body calmed down back on the grass. I felt very precious, very fragile, very loved and so honoured... Very slowly, I curled up. My partner took me in his sweet arms and held me and caressed my head tenderly. He was perfect, so young and so perfect.
* It was a very accurate reminder regarding the current situation of my intimate relationship.
I was overwhelmed. I could hardly open my eyes when I stood up. So I took every following moments gently. Slept very deeply overnight, and had a rebirth in the bath the next morning. I knew I needed to integrate the whole experience. The following week I slept at least 18 hours a day. I really felt like if 2000 volts had gone through my body, my lower back was very hot. I was exhausted. It felt like if the earth and the sky had linked up through me as if I had been a plug, or a bulb. I felt quite shocked. It had been a gift and I needed to recover from it.
Later on I understood that I had experienced a spontaneous KUNDALINI RISE. Although the word felt rather mysterious it made sense.
The theme of Breathe Magazine – June 1997 - “How has rebirthing influenced your sexuality?” inspired me to write this article.
1 - Rebirthing has taught me to be present, to let go, to not interfere, to open up, to feel safe when feeling alive, to trust the unknown, because of this, I was able to allow the kundalini experience.
2 - Rebirthing has improved the quality of my sexual times. I no longer let my mind running some old scenarios while being intimate. As I breathe more than I used to, I am able to be present. I am able to be with my body totally in the moment, and really enjoy the pleasures and the joy of the intimate encounter and make, generate, an abundance of love, with smiles, eyes connections, innocence, sweetness, sensuality and passion.
Edited article published by Breathe Magazine June 97

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