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Breathing Circles in Brixton

I don’t run Breathing Circles in Brixton at this point.

Rrebirthing Group

Breathing Circle opens with a guided meditation/attunement and each session provides an opportunity for group participants to get insights into their lives and deeply relax through practising and experiencing the conscious connected breath.

Please contact me Beatrice, to register - Places are limited.

- 07799 672624



In meeting with and participating in a breathing circle with Beatrice, I felt supported, I appreciated Beatrice's forthcoming nature, the suggestions or observations made and her enthusiasm: We have developen a foundation and I look forward to working with her further." Greg

"I felt incredibly peaceful" Lydia

"I have really enjoyed coming to the breath circle.  It's been good to meet in a supportive group setting to share insights and experiences and of course take up the powerful and transformational breath."  Jon

I am enjoying the circle and how important it is to me, how beneficial the practice is for me.  Although I find yoga and swimming relaxing, the circle is the only time I truly just relax into myself.  Funny when we are breathing every minute of the day, but really connecting with purpose opens up a whole new dimension.  I am able to reaffirm my energy, gain focus, peace and strength - a real string to my bow.' Sharon

"I had a raging headache and lay there feeling like Mr Potato Head under a pile of blankets. I was worried I might fall asleep. I was in a space akin to sleep but not unconscious. The rhythm of breathing around me prompted me to remember to inhale.

I mostly just calmed down and forgot myself but to my surprise I had a miniscule exquisite moment of bliss and utter peace.   and all trace of a headache was gone and forgotten".Becca

"What I find inspirational about Beatrice is that she is prepared to constantly risk trusting her intuition. That is very brave and remarkable to me as I am someone who feels permanently underprepared! She is a great role model and shows me that the most important thing in meeting life head-on is being present and honest and to be comfortable if things are not 'perfect'. 

A specific instance of Beatrice's intuitive support was at the last Breathing Circle where she was guiding nine breathers on the floor. She may or may not have had any insight into what was going on for me but whilst I lay in a very deep place weighed down by guilt, I felt the lightest of touches near my collar bone and a whisper describing my breath as 'safe and innocent'. It reminded me that there is no right and wrong where the breath is concerned and freed me up to breathe through my self-made moral burden. It was impeccable timing.

She speaks of inhalation as 'inspiration'. It was inspirational for me."

The first Breathing Circle started in Leamington Spa in MarTch 2009 and since then other circles have started. if interested to know more, please visit the Breathing Circle Website .