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Who is Rebirthing For ?

a client during a rebirthing session

By helping you to free your breath, my intention is for you to free your life from long-held, limiting beliefs and experiences, so that you create new opportunities to fulfil your potential and to be happy.

From my 25 years of practice, I observed that the persons who most benefit from Rebirthing are those of you at work, at home, at school who need to:

•  Take stock, re-assess priorities

•  Communicate effectively to participate in life

•  Reconnect with your body, your breath, your intuition

•  Manage strong emotional states - fear, anger, stress

•  Release the past to learn to be present

•  Stop addiction patterns - substance or behaviour


Rebirthing provides insights and new perspectives which speed up the process of self awareness. We could almost say that crisis and accident are then no longer necessary as a wake up call.


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