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Rebirthing Testimonials


“I loved working with Beatrice, everything was perfect. 

She helped me transform and uncover a lot of things in me that were impacting my life in a negative way.

I can see how much I have changed and as a consequence my life too. 

I feel more connected to my truth and my higher self.  I totally recommend working with Beatrice, she is a kind and amazing person, who gives so much love through her work. It's an experience worth having.”

Sara Miriam Kral - Quality and Audits Officer


"When I first came to see Beatrice I was so anxious that I was unable to get on public transport. The end of a long term relationship had left me at my lowest ever. I was feeling lost, ashamed and my mind was a constant loop of torment. After an initial chat on the phone, Beatrice and I arranged our first session — which was a combination of talking therapy and breathwork.

After the two hours were over, I was amazed to notice that I felt like “myself” again, for the first time in over six months! I felt totally comfortable in my body and the anxiety was no longer present. I booked in regular sessions with Beatrice, starting every two weeks, then monthly (sometimes by Skype) as my sense of self and confidence continued to grow.

I’ve tried different therapies over the years but this is the first time one has had such an impact, and has given me tools that I can use in my every day life. What I loved is that Beatrice didn’t let me indulge in my self pity, but gently helped me to uncover and face the thoughts and feelings behind it, so I could take full responsibility for the reality I create. I learned some uncomfortable but necessary truths that have enabled me to grow and manage whatever life brings me with greater ease.

The breathwork practise itself is so powerful and I recommend it to everyone. You don’t need anxiety to feel the benefits. But I think you need to experience it to believe it! Beatrice is kind, compassionate and instantly puts you at ease. The depth knowledge is apparent in the space that she holds. I’m very grateful to have met this wise teacher."

Katie S. - Copywriter


“Having previously worked with Beatrice, I found myself at a point where I was needing support and guidance during a time in my life which was fraught and exhausting.

Seeing Beatrice helped me to re centre myself and to rediscover my inner power as well as my connection to the universe.  Spending time with Beatrice is not only beneficial but it’s the tools she provides like an ‘emotional toolkit’ including strategies, book recommendations, short video clips which you can reach for at any time.

I found this particularly helpful. I have regained my confidence and I am now with a heightened awareness of my emotional and physical wellbeing.”



“Having worked with Béatrice has had a long lasting impact upon me. She is passionate about her work and the people she works with. The books, the affirmations that she recommended were tailored for me - they spoke to me. Something I shall be eternally grateful for. 

I now feel a greater connection with myself.  I have a better understanding of why I think certain thoughts    and now show myself empathy and compassion for why I think them.

Since my time with Beatrice, I have a job that I love and feel incredibly close to key members of my family. My life in general is calmer and much happier.”

Mollika - Teacher


"I approached Beatrice in 2018 having just about run out of ideas as to what to try next to release me from the prison I had allowed my mind & intellect to keep me in. Up until this point, I had spent over 20 years trying different schools of therapy and found myself ‘mastering’ the techniques as opposed to healing and beginning the life I so sorely longed for.

Well, as was my way, I fought the process, sought reasons not to participate and struggled to be present. Throughout all of this Beatrice not only showed me compassion, but held precious the intention as to why I wanted to ’try’ breathwork & rebirthing. Then one day, in very short order it changed for me. I really was reborn and free from the attachment of the burden of my ego driven past. 

I can only express my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Beatrice for her willingness to accept the flawed, struggling man-child as a client and holding dear my highest intent and potentiality. Without her, I would still be searching for answers to questions that fail to serve or allow me to grow. Thank you Beatrice!"

Joel - Insurance Loss Assessor


"Beatrice, thank you SO much for the work we did together. Words alone cannot begin to describe the depth of the difference you have made to my life. It has touched me to my core. Your gentle approach created such a safe space to engage in the deep work I knew was needed. I am now experiencing so much more ease every day in my life, and am feeling sooooo much more relaxed!

This newfound ease has had an impact in every single area of my life - from the way I approach my business, the amount of hours I work and the clients I work with, to my home life and my relationship.

I now prioritise the things that are most important to me (and fun!) rather than the things I think I ‘have to’ do. Life is certainly much more joyful and I have soooo much more space and time in which to enjoy them!

Thank you so much once again. I truly would say that the work we have done together is nothing short of miraculous!”

Kate Gerry - Business Coach & Speaker


When I first came to see Beatrice, I was interested in exploring breathwork as a way to get back in touch with my feelings. I was at that point feeling numb, stuck in my head and somewhat anxious. I spoke to a number of practitioners, but I was drawn to Beatrice and I am now extremely glad I chose to invest in myself and spend time with her.

During our time working together, I felt I made significant and meaningful progress during every session, and gradually got back in touch with my feelings. I also uncovered a number of deeply held and in many cases unconscious beliefs and ways of thinking that were holding me back and contributing to my sense of unease.

With Beatrice's help, i worked out new ways of looking at and responding to situations in my life. My relationships with my family have improved immensely, and Beatrice played a vital role in helping me with that. I am now in a happy relationship which Beatrice certainly helped facilitate and definitely feel more in control and responsible for my feelings and my life situation. I also use the breathwork techniques she showed me to continue and deepen my practice.

I would recommend Beatrice to anyone feeling stuck and looking to make progress in their own life, in any area. She creats a wonderful safe and at times magical space in which to work, and I'm delighted to have invested in myself with her help.


When I came for my first treatment I was feeling empty and tired by life, but I wasn't really feeling much apart from that.

A lot has changed for me since meeting Beatrice. The first thing I learnt was my responsibility and the role I played in my own life, now this is not a blame thing, but understanding your responsibility in your life is the most empowering lesson anybody could  learn, because then the possibilities are endless. My awareness and inner relationship with myself  has increased which  has increased my confidence, because I believe that real confidence can only come from truly knowing yourself.

My life is now a lot more full. I started new hobbies such as yoga, dancing, parkour, Spanish etc and I now work completely for myself because I really trust in my abilities. My romantic relationship ended and transformed into a truly great loving friendship, which has far exceeded my original expectations.

When I started I had so much self hate and one unexpected thing is that I have gained a tenderness towards myself that I never knew was possible or even cared to have, but I am truly grateful for it. I also feel pride in myself which I have never really felt before and this comes from giving myself love each day and providing myself the space to achieve things which will make me proud.

I would recommend Beatrice to everyone. From people who need guidance in their life and career to people who feel completely hopeless. She has great insight and is truly great at what she does.

Lydia Ferguson – Massage Therapist


I visited Beatrice at a time when I was finding it difficult to find balance in my life. My life at the time was pretty good - good job, close relationships with friends and family, good social life etc. But I still felt insecure and as if my life was being driven by many external forces - demands of work, needs and expectations of others - rather than what I wanted. I found it hard to know what I actually wanted for myself. Beatrice helped me to value myself and my needs. She taught me how to let go of old habits and ways of seeing that were restricting the way that I interacted with work, friends and family. Through this process and many small but significant steps, I am now much happier at work and able to welcome the many challenges thrown my way with a new sense of ease rather than anxiety. I am more open and less restricted and rigid. I know myself much better and am more confident to make choices that make me happy. I am able to say no in a way that feels empowering rather than creates tension. I am clearer about the relationships that I do and don't want and I have met a wonderful man who makes me happy. I am convinced that my time spent with Beatrice has been the catalyst for these many positive changes. 

Libby Ferguson - Director at The Climate Group.


It is impossible to put into words my experience of working with Beatrice for 6months. I simply couldn’t do it justice. Working with Beatrice has completely transformed me and my life. After years of having every therapy out there something was still missing. Beatrice was put in my place to go on a journey into my heart and inner power with her guidance. "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear".

Beatrice was my re birther, teacher, spiritual guide, inspiration, hope, goddess, nurturer, strong independent mother figure, healer, empowerer, gift from the Universe. I grew, blossomed and changed in the 6months program I worked with Beatrice. I made quick progress and was amazed that I had reached all my goals in the time frame we had. I could feel the changes within me and my life and I witnessed my transformation as others did.

Miracles have happened through my work with Beatrice:

I can’t recommend Beatrice enough. She has helped me to be able to stay with myself and my feelings and be the best version of myself I can be. I feel free, happy, empowered, goddessly womanly and I feel safe in the universe with the tools I have been given to stay in my power. I am so aware now of my thoughts and words and how powerful they can be. I am now able to reach my full potential and attract more positivity through the law of attraction.

I am eternally grateful for Beatrice and her support, nurturing, love and empowerment. My heart has opened and my eyes are wide open. I no longer run away from my feelings, I just stay with them and simply be. I am at peace with myself. I am alive and breathing. I am here for Amy now.”

Amy Daniels – Producer


"Working with Beatrice has had a subtle, yet deeply transformative effect on my life. I ended a long term relationship in a very healthy way, my physical health has transformed, and my relationships with my parents have blossomed and flourished more than I thought possible. I respond to life differently. I have become deeply involved in work that is extremely meaningful to me, I have a totally new direction in life, and new tools to assist me. Beatrice has a truly magical way with people, and with the breath." 

Amy Caitlin– Carer / Reflexologist / Yoga Teacher


“Beatrice Garoche has been my life/breath coach for a while. At first I was not sure if her methods would be compatible with my beliefs. I soon found her methods to be universally complimentary to all beliefs. They tap into the natural laws of the universe that support the human experience.”

David Palfreman - Landlord


"So many things have changed in my life since I started working with Beatrice.

I think one of the most important thing is the transformation of how I face the problems/unpleasant situations. 

Now I analyse why the situation is unpleasant or/and why I feel attacked and think what can I say/do to change it. My actions/words/thoughts count. I know now that the solution come from me. I am the solution.   

I have started to look after me more both physically and emotionally. I do exercise regularly again. I'm less aggressive and more comprehensive with myself. I now ask often myself, what would I like? what would I need? I deserve the very best in my life.   

I used to think that the word "No" it was a "bad" word. I used to feel guilty when I said it or when someone said to me. I have now discovered the power of saying NO, and the positive doors it can open.

Just as a note, my salary now is nearly double than a month ago. And I think it means more beyond the money.   

I'm so grateful I started this process with Beatrice.

Myriam C. - Teacher.


Four years after first testimonial, below:
“I have known Beatrice for over four years now, initially starting breathwork sessions with her after several monumental changes in my life - including the end of a relationship and relocating back to London on my own. With her help and by really getting in touch with my breath (and as I see it, my intuition), I started to uncover several limiting beliefs which had been holding me back for many years, including thoughts like 'I'm not good enough' & 'I have to be perfect to belong' as well as a feeling of abandonment and a deeply ingrained sense of having to please others to be accepted.

After working through this with Beatrice, I started to accept a different reality for myself, and then lots of things began to shift!! I started to believe that I could achieve things that I never before thought possible. I got a new job at work, earning a good salary that I suddenly felt I deserved; I trained and ran a marathon; and then the most amazing thing, I met my soulmate - the man of my dreams who I married last year. Shortly after being married, I fell pregnant with our wonderful son and we have now found and bought our ideal family home in an area which we love.

Now that I am a mother, I continually draw on my work with Beatrice to remain aware of my thoughts and to enjoy and live in the present moment. This helps to remind me that it's ok if I'm not the textbook perfect mum and that what I am doing is perfect for me and my son, and makes every moment with him one to cherish.

It has been an incredible journey and one which I know was made possible by my sessions with Beatrice. She is so exceptionally gifted at what she does. She has a tremendous knack of getting to the root core of whatever issues that are there and a real gift of translating her observations to you. I cannot imagine being able to have made such transitions in my life without her amazing support. Thank you Beatrice, I am so grateful to have you in my life.”

Tania's original testimonial:

Working with Beatrice has revolutionised my life. I, Tania, now realise I have a choice. I have a choice to live my life filled with aliveness and joy without a heavy dose of guilt that I have always thought accompanied it. I now realise it's truly ok to experience my own vitality and there's certainly no need to apologise for it. I know I can inspire others to allow themselves to experience that within themselves.  

From this experience I have made so many positive changes in my life. I have found the courage to heal relationships that I thought were too scarred to heal; I have learned to love and nurture my body, stopped smoking and become fitter, healthier and stronger than ever before; I am allowing abundance and prosperity into my life; and I am experiencing love and kindness to myself as well as a wonderful relationship that I had previously never dared believe I deserved.

I continue on this journey every day. And the support that Beatrice has given me has been unending. I am truly grateful for everything she has done to help me to allow the innocence and beauty in myself that was always there to shine.

Tania Barnett

Corporate Business Manager for the NHS


‘My treatment with Beatrice was very inspiring and rewarding. I've had similar types of alternative therap y prior to when I met Beatrice, however her treatment was different as she taught me several new techniques, including how to look at myself differently and most importantly how to believe in myself to make these changes. When the session finished I quickly felt a shift in my energy fields and felt like I could do what she said I needed to do and I now know that I can and am doing so'.

Doctor Rebekah Smith


"Before I first met Beatrice, I had been unhappy for many years and I had also been suffering from crippling insomnia that had brought me to the point of crisis. Although I had found some relief through meditation and realising that I was not the thoughts in my head, this practice was also accompanied by a growing awareness that I was not being authentic and that I needed to make many changes in all areas of my life.    

I was initially drawn to Breathwork as I had heard of the remarkable ability of the breath to effect deep and permanent shifts at the underlying emotional level. I warmed to Beatrice from the start and I was reassured by her attentive care and her deep reverence for the breath and for her work. I soon felt safe enough to open up about issues surrounding my sexuality and the uncertainty I had about my desires.  

Through working with Beatrice and the breath I have finally begun to trust life. This has enabled me to proceed safely through difficult terrain even when I was unsure of both my direction and destination. I now have so much more confidence in myself; I am able to take responsibility for my decisions and I have made great progress with both my work and relationships.

I really appreciate Beatrice's guidance and her belief in me and my process. She has helped me to realise that the world is a safe place in which to explore and to play. I am really looking forward to discovering more, and to having lots of fun along the way. Thank you Beatrice."

David – Charity Worker


"I came to breath work hoping to break free from the same old personal limitations I could feel everyday but had no idea how to deal with. With the breath I was surprised how my heart almost literally opened and I found greater freedoms and insights that helped me enjoy myself more and helped with my family relationships. Most surprisingly I  gained insight to my patterns of behaviour in the workplace: the stresses of not wanting to make mistakes, of not asking for help and an ingrained lack of trust in myself, driving me to prove my self worth, feeling only as good 'as the last game'. With Beatrice's guiding and prompting and using the breath I found a place to be where this larger pattern of mistrust and separation was exposed - and it was a surprise. With this unusual clarity - an aha- I decided it was time to challenge this mistrust and open myself to the world and see if it was ok - and this year I applied for and started a new job in a new ?eld after 10 years in the same job. Doing the breath with Beatrice I have found the courage to face the unfamiliar, be ok to not know and see what it's like being in a new community. When the very large plate of cheese sandwiches (veggie option) was handed to me with a big smile at one of the ?rst peer group events I knew everything was going to be ok here on in!"

Jon Morris - Civil Servant


‘I am very grateful for the things you have shown/taught me. They have helped continuously since. They have given me the tools to understand many things about myself and other people. They have helped me to be a better father and husband, and so not only helped me but future generations.'

Craig - Creative Director


"I am really greatfull for the sessions with you Béatrice,it has changed my approach to the difficulties I often face in my demanding job! I have understood that there is no magic cure for problems but changing our thinking, to see them from different perspective gives magical results in real life. Thank you so much for being great catalyst in this process. I can see myself having easier and happier life. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for deeper meaning and purpose of their life, or who is simply looking for understanding their life, someone who would like to see opportunities in life instead dwelling on the past."

Aneta R - RN, NLP Practitioner


"I had learnt a lot about myself through reading, meditation, trying different healing practices and exchanging ideas with friends and family. But I knew a lot of negative attitudes were still  inside me. And I was frightened and ashamed to see what was hiding there! When Beatrice helped me to uncover something she said "mmmm, that's INteresting!" Instead of judging myself as a bad person, I could clear out the offending thoughts or attitudes, seeing them not as part of me but something I had picked up like any other bad habit-for example 'It's not a woman's job'/ 'I am not supposed to be here' etc etc
Now it is a lot easier to get on with my work as a musician and recording engineer. I have been into it for years, but it's a lot easier now that I have learnt to value myself and what I do."

Sarah – Musician and Recording Engineer


"Beatrice is one of the most unique and insightful people I have met. I found it incredible when speaking and describing a problem or scenario how Beatrice was able to see through the words and get to the real issue. This is a real gift to be able to alert someone of something they are not seeing and that may not be happily acknowledged.

I also found that Beatrice has such a passion and deep care for people. Every session left me feeling pleasantly surprised at how powerful the breath combined with Beatrice's approach, care. knowledge and guidance are in bringing about real lasting changes. I am so thankful to Beatrice for her guidance in my journey to reconnect with my inner joy and free myself of years of negative patterns that had come to dominate my view. 

It was also really refreshing to meet someone who believes and works in a more natural way. By this I mean that there was a feeling in the sessions where I also got to know a bit about Beatrice. To me this is important as the breath work  journey and experience require a more personal approach and connection. A detached clinical approach will never provide the results, gains and experience that Beatrice offers. A truly wonderful and passionate breathwork practitioner.

I am so happy that I made the decision to embark on 10 sessions with Beatrice. I believe that this has been one of the most positive and important things that have and will continue to change my life for the better."

Guy Greenblat - Computer Programmer


"Beatrice really helped me to look at things differently so I could get back in control of my life. I feel more empowered and confident about how I should live my life for me."

Starna Forster - Office Manager


I have found the breathing sessions and Beatrice's guidance to be a tremendous gift. They have helped facilitate a real shift in my life; a sense of coming into my own power, freedom, calm and clarity that has been wonderful. So many of my friends have commented on how I seem different and all I can really say is that at 35 I suddenly feel I have grown up! In the sense that I now feel I am creating my own life, I have a much deeper intuition, trust, and confidence in myself.

Beatrice has helped me to gain a greater perspective in many areas of my life, but one area in particular really benefited. I came to free my breath during a difficult period of uncertainty following redundancy and the search for a new job. After a while of searching and numerous interviews and setbacks I had one particularly powerful and insightful session with Beatrice. I felt such confidence, focus and faith in myself following the breathing that the job offers just fell effortlessly into my lap and I ended up with three great job offers in the space of a few days. I know that the breath helped that happen.

I truly can't recommend this enough, it sounds so simple, after all we all breathe...but being aware of my breath, changing my breath, has created profound changes in my life in only a few short months. I see this as a way of life now and something that I am so excited to have started on.

Gillian Plummer - PA


Through re-birthing I have re-discovered love for myself as well as the importance to enjoy myself and every minute of my life, doing my best to ensure the good quality of my journey through it.

Before re-birthing, I was frequently feeling trapped within myself, breathless, tired and unable to really stop and relax. Through the sessions, I've understood that breathing also means to give myself enough space and time to safely accomplish everything I want to as well as to relax within and in between the things I do. Hence, I feel less frequently breathless and the quality of my life and my enjoyment for what I do have improved a lot.

More time and space for myself also meant that I can better feel my body and understand the messages it provides me with and take responsibility for them to be there. Thus, I take decisions with greater efficiency since they better reflect what I really feel rather than the messy product of a huge spiral of thoughts.

Last but not least, I have found very interesting and effective to work with the affirmations as a way to replace old self-limiting beliefs with new liberating ones. Consequently, I more often choose to act motivated by love rather than fear: I work to fulfil all my aspirations trying to give myself all those opportunities I need, often seeing possibility there where I used to see nothing but a reason to stop.

Hence, I currently feel more self-confident and my acceptance of life and whatever it brings to me has improved and still grows. Thank you Béatrice!

M. A. - Musician


I had previously been exposed to Rebirthing, however working with Beatrice brought it to another level. She showed me a way of breathing which allowed me to open up to life and the world around me.

Through her gentle approach and guidance I began to shift issues which had been stuck for a long while. The changes this produced in my life were subtle yet profound. Her supportive framework compliments and enhances the breathing process which allowed me to see the possibilities and potential in each moment.

Killian Cott - City professional


Working with Beatrice has revolutionised my life. I, Tania, now realise I have a choice. I have a choice to live my life filled with an aliveness and joy without a heavy dose of guilt that I have always thought accompanied it. I now realise it's truly ok to experience my own vitality and there's certainly no need to apologise for it. I know I can inspire others to allow themselves to experience that within themselves.  

From this experience I have made so many positive changes in my life. I have found the courage to heal relationships that I thought were too scarred to heal; I have learned to love and nurture my body, stopped smoking and become fitter, healthier and stronger than ever before; I am allowing abundance and prosperity into my life; and I am experiencing love and kindness to myself as well as a wonderful relationship that I had previously never dared believe I deserved.

I continue on this journey every day. And the support that Beatrice has given me has been unending. I am truly grateful for everything she has done to help me to allow the innocence and beauty in myself that was always there to shine.

Tania Barnett

Corporate Business Manager for the NHS


Re-birthing has been a very transcendental experience. The breathing helped me to detach myself from what I thought to be 'real'. To somehow take control of my thoughts and realise that I'm who is in change and in control of my world. I'm the decider who chooses from infinite possibilities the way to experience a situation. I understood and realised that there's not a reality but many different ways of perceiving. It, therefore gave me real freedom once reconnected to the truth of my being.

Denise - Student


Beatrice has a magic power, she is able to help opening new small doors which expand and make you see another reality. She leads you from heaviness to lightness with a deep simplicity which is the secret of life. She gives you clues which help to glimpse new perspectives in life and little by little this feeling becomes wider and wider.

With her, I learnt that the secret of life is love in the wider meaning of the world, forgiveness in the sense of letting go of the past,  laughing and enjoying here and now . I learnt the law of nonresistance, nonresistance to feelings whatever they are, nonresistance to life and to its wrapping breath.

Paola - Dancer


When I first started the sessions, I was confused and unhappy in a relationship.
My partner left and I went from being confused to being anxious and not able to sleep without the aid of tranquillizers.
With Beatrice's support I became aware of negative beliefs and thoughts pattern that I was entertaining.
After few sessions I started to feel more relaxed and finally I was able to sleep at night without the aid of tranquillizers.
I am now at peace with myself, with the way things are and I feel more empowered that I have ever been.
I am aware of the part I play in creating my reality and also the relationship with my father improved.
I am now seeing my partner again and I have the clarity I was looking for.
Luca Occelli - Flight attendant


Working with Beatrice has helped me to break away from unhealthy patterns of worry.  I highly recommend doing a series of sessions with her.,
Andrea Burris


I have been aware all my life that I suffer from acute feelings of abandonment, loneliness and rejection. I found the talking and the breathing during my sessions with Beatrice both to be transformative. I would enter a session tense or unhappy and slowly she would guide me into another perspective.  That's before the breathing even starts. During the breathing part: firstly I feel nurtured and safe, and then, images of past present and future arise for me. I may cry or laugh. During one session I felt plugged into the divine mother energy, to this source of unending love more than I'd ever experienced before.  I realised I could tap into this source through the breath whenever I needed to, not through an idea or through my mind but by breathing. I seem to release the ideas and beliefs I've held for so many years and to feel what's always been there,  peace, bliss, oneness...it's simple.  I secondly feel more space around all the things I used to get upset about, they've not disappeared completely yet but I have a deeper understanding and less emotions attached to it all.
Beatrice is a safe pair of hands and I would recommend the whole experience to everyone.

Anna Lempriere - Communication Coach & Yoga Teacher


The moment I discovered re-birthing I knew it was for me. I was fed up of the lack and unhappiness in my life and I needed a breakthrough. After my first three sessions I could see clearly. I stopped procrastinating. It has changed my life and I feel closer to God. Thank you Beatrice!

Andrea Boatswain - Emergency Medical Dispatcher


My session with Beatrice produced insights which now underpin my work helping others

Cllr Rebecca Thackray  - Adviser, Councillor, Magistrate


Rebirthing helps me to save time, to feel supported in my life, to have someone I can rely on, in times of need or crisis. Working with Beatrice has brought 'miracles' in my life -I mean , what seemed impossible became possible, specifically in my intimate relationship and also in my relationship to myself. The rebirthing breath gave me an experience of calm and peace in my body. Beatrice's non judgemental listening, allows for someone to transform their life.

Myriam Tesson - Massage therapist- 27yrs


Work is going well at the moment in large part thanks to you and your changing of my use of words. I'm not saying it is always perfect but I am making some better decisions. I am still a slow mover but this something I have come to accept about myself and try to work around and not blame myself for. Basically I've tried to give myself space for the time I take and try to communicate that is the case with me to others rather than just get upset with everyone about it.

As a result I am slowly but surely getting things done.

C. O. - Senior Website Designer


My sessions with Beatrice have been a journey of discovery about my perception of the world around me including my relationships with family, friends and anyone I come into contact with. I cannot thank Beatrice enough for her wisdom and guidance through the breathing exercises and the one to one talking sessions. The key moment for me came when Beatrice asked me "What age did I feel?" when I lost my temper over something trivial in front of my partner and children. It was at this moment I felt that I had stepped outside myself and recognised my behaviour for what it was - that of an angry 6 year old. I then realised the huge responsibility parents have with regards their children. I did not want to pass on my suppressed anger to my children nor my partner. I now feel I see things in a far calmer light with the benefit of breathing and the guidance from Beatrice. I am so pleased that I made contact with Beatrice not just for myself but crucially for my relationships with my partner and my children. The world now seems a wonderful place.

Paul Vassiliou - Support Officer for Older People


Before I began seeing Beatrice I was filled with anxiety throughout my day, often having heightened episodes of anxiety which would wake me in the middle of the night feeling as if I was choking. I felt confused and on edge and would over-indulge in partying on the week ends so that I could have some form of relief from my mind.

I was especially interested in the work that Beatrice was doing as it considered both the mental, emotional and physical connections.

I was pleasantly surprised at the subtlety of the first session and felt extremely comfortable being open and honest with Beatrice - something that I would normally take a long time to establish. I really got the sense that Beatrice would help and guide me through my journey. So I began fortnightly sessions and have continued this other the last months. The process has been very gentle whilst reaching very deep levels. Beatrice's support, understanding and encouragement have really helped me to see my previous and current life patterns that I had been unconsciously repeating resulting in the continuous state of drama and confusion.

I now feel so much more at peace with my emotions and am able to work through sorting out what does and does not work for me.

I no longer have a constant feeling of anxiety and have had no recurrent episodes of waking in the middle of the night. I have greatly benefited from working with Beatrice and would recommend this work to anyone seeking a gentle yet constructive way of bringin clarity and calmness in their body and mind.

Y. R. - PA


As for my testimonial, well I feel you have given me many tools and ways of seeing life - but mainly the gift of the fear-based view and the love-based view.  I see frequently in myself and clients how my and their wish to be right causes a problem.  However, I love that I don't just have intellectual information.  I have a technique of breathing fully and with the emphasis on the in-breath.  I never saw breath like that before- that it represents my willingness to be receptive to the good, and of course receiving and being grateful has been a wonderful learning for me this year.  I see the power in the breath and the images which come to me when I allow myself to relax into it.  I seem to come back to my real self, a love-based view where I know all is well - I am not thinking it, I know it!  I experienced you as living what you teach and practise.  I perceived your openness and ability to play and experiment and I was sometimes nervous of but also excited by your aliveness!  I think you have gently and lightly invited me to inhabit myself and my life more fully and you really have just said "It's OK, it's safe, you are free to be yourself".  I am glad to know you are there to call upon again and I am glad at the same time that we have completed 10 sessions together and that I can take that experience in and see it as a whole.

Isabel Jackson - Psychotherapist


I have begun to realise how my process of thinking has created all the perceptions and bad feelings I have had about myself.

I have begun to accept my feelings and thoughts - through being with them and for the first time I now feel that I know myself.

I can forgive myself for thinking I was a bad person and not feel like a bad person.

I have begun to feel love for myself, which naturally goes out into the whole world.

Acceptance has been the most loving achievement. I feel like a real friend.

Christopher Roantree - Etcher


Rebirthing has opened my life.

When I saw the words 'free your breath' I knew that it was a necessity for me.

I was at a standstill; locked in by my own experiences, and more importantly my interpretations of them, in other words - what I made them mean.  

I could feel the accumulation of emotions physically - I found them disturbing and wanted them gone so that I could move on.

Rebirthing with Beatrice continues to be a great discovery. I realised I had made many assumptions about people and experiences in my life - I lived a veryreactionary life - taking everything personally. Through the breathwork, we created space around these experiences so that they were able to be viewed from a different perspective, all from a relaxed foundation. From this, I began to realise that if i changed, then perhaps my world would too. Situations that Ithought were set in stone - once brought to light - started to shift.

How amazing to be able to surprise oneself, to be empowered in this way. Beatrice guided me to this point - to know that I am responsible for my life and all that it contains. Therefore it follows that I can create the life I always wanted.

Rachel Evans - Lab Manager


Each breath brings me closer to what I want

Each breath brings choice, decision & conclusion

I now understand that my breath is a continuous cycle,

Each breath is a joy to hold,

an opportunity to let go smoothly and caress gently.

I now know that I have a choice

About what I hold onto in my life and growth.

Adeola Kinishasa still breathing

Property Developer and Mother


My breathwork session's with Beatrice has helped me to focus on the choices that I can make in my life. This has helped me to understand that I do have control over my reactions to situations and I find this to be empowering. To be able to be more open to the possibilities that can occur in my life. The breathwork has been a profound journey of insight and awareness. Beatrice's guidance while breathing the 'conscious connected breath' has helped me to release many held belief patterns, and turn about my thinking into a more positive one.

J E King - Singer


"I have found my rebirthing sessions with Beatrice very effective. Through my breathing work I have been able to establish that many of my beliefs and fears come from my childhood. These beliefs and fears had been constantly affecting my daily life, resulting in feelings of guilt and problems with my relationships. By identifying where they have come from and by continuing my breathing work, I feel more at peace and have a greater understanding of myself. Thank you Beatrice!"

Louis - Vocalist


"What changes have I noticed since I first began seeing Béatrice?


I am happier

I am more spontaneous

I am kinder and less judgemental towards myself and others

I am more at ease

I am aware of how I say things, especially to my partner

I feel more attractive

I feel less anxious


In truth, I am not quite sure exactly how the sessions have worked, only that because of them I have changed in a deep way, in a way I cannot quite describe nor understand. For me, there has been a fundamental shift in my belief system and as a consequence the outer manifestations of my life have changed. The sessions provided a primary shift in my vision of issues and reminded me that at all times I have a choice in how I choose to perceive things.

However, it has not been solely an intellectual shift, analysis or an understanding that has changed me, although I found the counselling part of the treatment excellent and very insightful. There have been many times in the past that I have "known" things intellectually or understood a behaviour (and the thought process behind it etc) but still felt incapable of changing the feelings behind it all. I can only conclude that it must be in the breathing technique that the real change takes place. It was as if the breathing following the counselling session enabled me to really GET IT, get in my cells and in my being, beyond just my thinking process.


Overall I just feel happier and that is the best I could have hoped for.

Maria Gibert - Oil Painter


"Within one week of working with Beatrice, I found out I was pregnant. Although I was already a happily married mother, the news brought with it great anxiety and fear. A feeling of entrapment 'took hold' and I could no longer cope with my day to day life.


Over the weeks that followed, Beatrice's commitment and support, guided me simply and safely to look at where these negative feelings stemed from. With the help of the breath work, it became very clear to me that my fears were due to 'mind sets' or 'thought processes' that I had picked up and owned since childhood. Mind sets such as 'I'm not good enough' and 'I don't belong' followed me everywhere, everday, gradually making my life miserable and fearful. I had mentally locked myself into my own prison and it was now time to set myself free!


My limited view at looking at life slowly fell away, as Beatrice introduced me to my real life choices, choices I had never seen before. It became crystal clear to me that my life was filled with wonder and opportunities. I began to see that I was good enough and I did belong, I had just never allowed myself to feel the positive because I had chosen to believe in the negative. -The mind sets were just thoughts, they had never been true.


I learn this every day, at every moment there are always fresh choices to be made. Choices between laughing and crying, shouting and whispering, feeling lonely or feeling loved, the list is endless. Every choice I make shapes my moment, day, future and reality.


I thank Beatrice for her loving support, time and energy. My life has become so much simpler as I have confidence and feedom in knowing that I am the director of my 'life story'. As my story is shaped moment by moment by the choices I make, I'm going to aim for a tale filled with much joy, love, peace and prosperity!


Beatrice has left me with the ability to fully embrace my life."

Hina - Mother


All the promises of breath coaching were realised for me through working with Béatrice. I was able to tap into childhood issues, the echoes of which were keeping me stuck and unfulfilled in my adult life. I achieved harmony in my marriage, a sense of peace and contentment I had never experienced and a miracle in my career!! Thank you Bea."

Anne Feeney - Business Manager



"I thought breathwork would have been different from what I'd read before but in my experience it has been more of a gradual/ gentle release. I continue to breathe at home and have powerful realisations through it. I think it's a technique I will use for life to breakthrough and clear blockages in the body/ mind." 

Steve - Courier



"Rebirthing has been for me a spiritual psychology and counselling that allows me to discover who I am, where I am coming from and where I choose to be in my life.


Beatrice has been a very effective coach for me to finding and unleashing my greatest potential."

Caroline Whittle - Entertainment broker & Mother



"Beatrice introduced me to rebirthing some years ago. At the time I was very stuck after the break-up of a long-term relationship. At first I was cynical and resistant. But with Beatrice's support I was able to start shifting the emotional blocks that had been holding me back all my life. As I got into the process I found I was moving forward far more quickly than I had been able to with counselling. Rebirthing has since been a big part of my journey of self-awareness."

Peter - Copywriter



"In my breathwork sessions with Beatrice I discovered beliefs buried deeply in my body, beliefs that were unconsciously running my life. They were childhood fears and misguided ideas that I had internalised in my body as an adult.


During the guided meditations and breathing I could bring these old disempowering beliefs to light and literally breathe new empowering energy into my body. The profound energy shifts in my being were noticeable: I now trust my intuitive side implicitly; my creativity has soared; an ex boyfriend came back into my life proposing marriage."

Angela Horne - Writer



"At first I found the particular breathing technique strange but after a few sessions it became very satisfying and blissful!


With Béa's sensitive and compassionate support I allowed myself to become more and more relaxed and felt more and more in control of my life and indeed my breath."

Caroline Eddins - Life Coach



"Rebirthing helped me to be reconnected with myself, to get more confidence in my life.

Thanks to Beatrice who supported me through the sessions."

Pascale Pinotti - Hairdresser



"I never felt so relaxed, so calm, so peaceful."

Phil Young - Entrepreneur



"For me, rebirthing has been like rewiring an old house that can no longer serve you and can seriously harm you. The body, like the house too, can be haunted by old thoughts, imiting beliefs, unknown fears and deep sadness. We carry this in our mind, our body, our every cell and we live and breathe this every day.


This gentle but incredibly deep technique has had a powerful effect in every area of my life. Through it I was able to really be with my feelings and release them. I didn't know how many blocks I had created until I did this.

Bea is extraordinarily gifted and puts all her energy into each and every session.

 I'm still amazed that in less than three hours I could really begin to lose what I had carried for 30 years.

 I used to put everyone else's needs first. Through my sessions I was able to recognise how I did not value my own needs and actually felt guilty about having any. It used to make me frustrated, and resentful. After rebirthing, I have found new freedom, much peace and a sense of joy and aliveness."

Sandy - PR Director



"In her work Béatrice's clarity is refreshing. She is heart centered. Her passion for dance and life is an inspiration. Béatrice provides access to lightness of being."

Jane Okondo - Rebirthing Trainer



"For as long as I can remember I have felt I did not have enough breath, that it was going to run out, that I needed to grab a mouthful of air - just in case. I feel panic at the dentist's when the chair is tilted back and I am asked to open my mouth and though I know rationally I must still be able to breathe, it feels like maybe this time I won't be able to. I have worked on myself as a breathing being over the years and everything I have tried has helped me on this journey of rediscovery but the breath has continued to be an issue. Towards the end of last year I picked up one of Beatrice's leaflets in the local library. It came at the right time, as these things tend to do. The homeopath I have worked with for many years, trained initially as a rebirther and from time to time she has asked me gently if I had ever thought about using such an approach. Though I completely trust her, I had never seriously considered the suggestion because in my mind I rejected the notion of scrambling back into the womb. Beatrice's leaflet was reassuring as it seemed there was no obligation to retrace my pushes down the birth canal, that rebirth meant having a 'renewed sense of the self' which was an idea I fancied. What a journey it has turned out to be. I have just completed ten sessions which, with one or two exceptions, took place weekly.


A great deal happened both in the sessions and between them. In some ways it felt like the experience dominated my life, though not in an oppressive way. It was as if the insights and experiences in the sessions and the explorations that came about from reflecting on the questions and affirmations that Beatrice asked me to consider between the sessions, become a lens through which I saw my attitudes, reactions and behaviour in new ways.


I have used co-counselling regularly for over twenty years and understand that the assumptions I hold particularly about myself, shape my picture of the world and my reactions to it. I am used to recognising, challenging and expressing my patterned and rigid thinking and feelings. Since working with Beatrice it feels like the perspective has changed. In some cases, the distress is familiar but it seems like I am looking at it from another angle. At other times, I seem to be in new territory, surprised that something so obviously significant has not come up in a counselling session. I think I am just beginning to see the implications of what I have learned so far but some of the significant things I have seen, are about accepting myself and others, about letting the past go and about recognising that I can make new choices at anytime about the way I see myself and the world. None of these ideas are intellectually unfamiliar. What is different is that the freeing up of my breathing through the expressing of emotions that had been locked down over the years, has created a space in which these ideas take hold in new ways. They are becoming realities I can experience."

LC - Retired Headteacher


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